Channeling Pallas Athene as we Thwart the Advancement of the Technocratic State

As written about in previous articles, the orchestrated pandemic, global authoritarian power grab, and attempted implementation of "medical" martial law around the world have unfolded in lock-step with the astrology. 

For millennia, the powers that be have used astrology to plan and organize their nefarious schemes, and this, perhaps the hugest and most complex nefarious scheme in all of human

A Dark of the Moon Group Meditation or Prayer on May 21 to Stop 5G and Nullify Illegitimate Power on Earth

If you're so inclined, please join me on May 21 for a
group meditation or prayer during the Dark of the Moon in Taurus with
a focus on removing 5G technology from Earth and nullifying the power
of those who are harming us and other living things on this planet. They have no legitimate authority over us. Let's not pretend they do.

We're clearing harmful frequencies and connecting with the

My Most Pilfered and Ripped-Off Article of All Time From 2009! The Vilification of Virgoan Analysis and Scorpionic Intuition Within the New Age Meme Complex

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What follows is a re-post of an article I wrote and published in June 2009 that has the dubious honour of being the most pilfered and ripped-off article I've ever written! It comes from a series of articles I did on deconstructing the New Age meme complex. These are a couple others from the same time period in 2009:

From April 21, 2009: Saturn in

Mercury in Aries Square Stationing Pluto in Capricorn: Information Warfare, Weaponized Propaganda, and Government Mind-Scanning for "Subversive Thoughts"

Have you fallen prey to such dangerous ideas as:


The global authoritarian power regime is anti-human and anti-life? 

You are a free and sovereign human being who can make your own choices in life?


People have the right to refuse vaccinations and medical treatments or procedures?


People have the right to go outside and the right to work without being fined or imprisoned? 


Dark Moon Podcast #5 from May 2019 - Highly Prescient in Light of Current Circumstances

This is a re-post of a podcast Yerevan and I did in May 2019. It was first published on YouTube on May 20, 2019. In light of the intense censorship going on on all major social media platforms, I made a back-up at Bitchute.

At the time that we did the podcast, wounded healer Chiron was in early Aries, just as it is now. Saturn and Pluto were in close applying conjunction in Capricorn. Saturn